And Gentry has shown good sense and flexibility, do not overdo it with the alchemy tactics. Sa he trusts his samples, and is ready to change the game and ideas in order to put them in the best position to shine. why doubt – Why Randle and Payton are not Rondo and Cousins. “I do pe resembles nothing!” They would say ruthless to Johnny Toothpick Boogie Rondo and their substitutes. Would not it be absolutely true, as features, but it would be as sacrosanct caliber.

There are a couple of categories of difference, either way … And the charisma that guaranteed Rondo in the locker room is not in the supermarket. Riccardo Pratesi  @ rprat75

August 18, 2017 – Milan The two flags seal the new record also motorboating as signal of reconciliation between Cuba and the United States. Pilots Jay Johnson and Nigel Hook managed to become the fastest crossing of the gulf between Key West (Use the tip of South Miami) and Havana. The quickest way between the two countries has been sailed to record time of 1 hour 18 minutes 3 seconds aboard the Lucas Oil 77, which reached 140 mph speed.

And ‘then it cleared both the duration of the previous limit speed average of belonging – from 1 August 2015 – German Roger Klüh, aboard Apache Star in 1h30′. José Manuel Díaz, president of the Club Nautico Internacional Hemingway, commended for the record that makes history by powerboat from 1922, when he made the first crossing with a marine fireball. Raul Rodriguez

June 25, 2016 – OMAHA (USA) Michale Phelps, 31 years on June 30 E ‘in the Century Link Center in Omaha, home of the US Trials, which 1xbet welcome bonus will decide several Olympic destinies (including blues). As Daddy says Michael Phelps, chasing his fifth Games, “the Trials for Americans are more difficult that the Games.” So far only four specialties – the 200, 400 and 800 freestyle women with Katie Ledecky and the 100 backstroke Don David Plummer – Americans to the summit of the world rankings: you can be sure that at the end of this week will be many more.

Before these selections is strictly forbidden to make any predictions on the podiums of August in Rio. It ‘s always been so, and will remain so for the third consecutive time in this city in the heart of America. The Olympic Trials, something more than a pool party as define the newspapers of this city of Nebraska who really is the center of everything, told by Bruce Springsteen ballads.

Phelps says simply came “my time, also because of the birthday (31 years old June 30). selections – The greatest power of swimming will select as usual 52 names (26 men and 26 women), a necessary condition in order to qualify in the individual events in Rio will finish in the top 2. It starts from 1,800 participants: the youngest is 13 years old, the eldest 38. Four years ago the US sbancarono in London unplugging of 21 medals China: with 16 gold 9 silver and 6 bronze, booty with which the milestone of 500 medals has been cut (232-162-126-520).

Four years after the National rests at Michael Phelps (6 medals in 2012, but this time he hopes to qualify in only three races although it could reaffirm the 6 medals with 3 relays), Ryan Lochte (5 medals, gold in the 400m medley) the king of the 100 freestyle Nathan Adrian who has failed two World Championships, but especially Katie Ledecky, the shark of freestyle ready to look for the golden hat-trick in the 200-400-800 missing since 1968 and to break into the 100 freestyle, and Missy Franklin, who stunned in London with four golds and a bronze. Now she has become a woman, lost some races too, and likely most of all.

In trials will judge. EFFECT ITALY – It will swim in the pool built in record time – just 2 weeks, 10 times faster than most conventional methods of construction – from the valance Castiglione, with Myrtha pools technique (also built the 18 Rio tanks). In a mean season of world records, the champions Stars and Stripes meditate colpacci the first to alert the world.

It will be the tank of records? “We installed two tanks capable of ensuring optimum water circulation and a constantly controlled temperature, time tocchrà athletes” is the managing director Roberto Colletto which created a real team with big cone of the past Gary Hal Jr, Mike Mintenko, Katy Houston, Julien Brice, Jon Cleveland, Adam Sioui coordinated by Trevor Tiffany, former coach Canada. It will be on a mission two days even the Italian and European President Paolo Barelli.

He will study him well as opponents of Federica Pellegrini in the 200 freestyle (Ledecký, Franklin and the outgoing holder Allison Schmit who trains with Phelps), Gabriele Sayings and Gregory Paltrinieri (about Connor Jaeger, world silver of 1500) and Luca Dotto (precisely Adrian). REACTIONS AND DOPING CONCERNS – In the first press conferences with the big names, there has been talk of Russia, China, Brazil and suspicions. “There’s definitely a lot of talk, but I am one hundred percent sure er the US Olympic team will be 100 clean, I just think that,” said Elizabeth Beisel enrolled in nine races “It ‘s sad that some athletes have recourse doping, need to get it out from the head of certain athletes that this is an absurd choice, “no matter what sport you’re in, are choosing drug.

Against Efimova he came up David Marsh, chief engineer of the women’s national team and coach of Lochte and Clary: “There is no doubt that if a positive is found twice, I would not have allowed to compete again, unfortunately doping in Russia is proving to be systematic. Here are transparent races, high profile and strong ethics. ” He also speaks of the topic Katie Ledecky: “Let’s frustration and anger always happen when more doping cases, however, we should be happy if you will be taken before the Games.” THE PROGRAM – - The program (10 hours batteries, semif.

And final 18:45 hours local, Italian +7) without relay reflects the Olympic calendar. TODAY: 400 mx men, 100 butte. women, 400 sl U, 400 mx D, 100 U. frog TOMORROW: D 100 backstroke, 200 sl U, D 100 breaststroke, 100 backstroke U, 400 sl D; 100 final also butte. D and 100 breaststroke U. TUESDAY ‘: 200 D sl, 200 butte.

U, 200 mx D; final also sl 200 U, 100 backstroke D, U 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke D. WEDNESDAY ‘: sl 100 U, 200 butte. D, 200 U frog; final also sl 200 D, 200 butte. U, 200 mx D. THURSDAY ‘: 100 sl D, U 200 backstroke, 200 breaststroke D, 200 mx U; final also frog 200 U, 200 butte. D, 100 sl U. FRIDAY ‘: sl 50 U, 800 D sl, 100 butte.

U, D 200 backstroke; final also frog 200 D, 200 backstroke U, 200 U mx, 100 sl D. Saturday 2: 50 D sl, 1500 sl U; Final even 200 backstroke D, 100 butte. U, 800 D sl, sl 50 U. Sunday 3: Final 50 D sl, sl 1500 U. From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

December 22, 2018 – Milan Marcel Hirscher, 29 years. AFP A normal guy of 29 years. Without heights by super man (is little more than 1.73), with no behavior or statements superstar.

Yet Marcel Hirscher dominates skiing eight years, won in all disciplines except downhill, is the undisputed master of the slalom and giant slalom. He resisted and responded to the attacks of the youngest Alexis Pinturault and Henrik Kristoffersen, just look at his expression at the gate (wild eyes, fierce grin) to understand that no, there’s more. Marcel, the only missing Olympic gold to complete the collection of prestigious victories in PyeongChang they arrived even two.

It was the closing of the circle? “It’s hard to realize what I did, because in fact I expected already at the Sochi 2014 Games and that medal had not arrived. For this was a crazy thing when my dream has finally come true. ” Sixty-two victories in the World Cup, what is the podium of his favorite? “I put in the first place those won in Austria. Where I’m pretty set with skiing, so it is nice to race at home.

Then I put the victories in Italy and France. ” Many of his victories were won in Italy, two of them just in the slalom at Madonna di Campiglio, in 2012 and 2017. Even six in a row in the Alta Badia giant. He counted for her to overcome the primacy of Alberto Tomba? “It was not a record that I planned, I do not want to sound pretentious, but in my career I never thought to overcome some past champion.

My style is more to think about heat after heat, race after race, ever farther, I have always been so. Apart from that, I am proud to see my name alongside that of Alberto Tomba “.