The website itself is nicely done – but it is complete – absolutely full of crap! Fake profiles galore, I doubt you will find any real women on here at all!

The site is run from Norway I think and it is for amusement only. Scam site unquestionably, and do not waste money on attempting to speak to any women as they are bots. You are disabled from being able to right click and assess the photos with a photo search. How ever it is funny and to see so many offers and mails is the give away. There are a number of nice photos and I do wonder if the women even understand their photos are being used?

Know better, choose much better.

And the majority of them state they are from the suburb I nominated. What does this say to you? Most of them also revealed photos. Who would do this?

I will confirm all this scam from this site, read the terms and state, they affirm that "some" profiles have been constructed for amusement reason,what sort of entertainment that’s, to talk with a robot, isn’t clear to me. I) have received multiple responses from various women exactly the same text, inclusive the same mistakes in grammatics. Even it was not feasible to convince woman to change to a normal e-mail. All had the exact same concern, we will remain here because the other things are not safe. All woman appears to be trained to encourage person to reply, as there’s always a tiny pleasant question attached and the game goes on. The text is also confined to approximately 160 characters, every message is all about A$2,50 (depends how many credits have been purchased the give bulck rabatt. But after A$76 Membership fees, You are not enticed to buy for an additional $350 a package of credits. " these things goes on and on, If a woman agree to satisfy you (as soon as you have used of 100 of credits) the never turn up at the agreed location with cheap excuses, eg. Have overlooked that event in my agenda. Stay away from these, it saves you $$$

At the very top of my profile I said all message must state REAL PERSON, however after getting over 200 message from female associates in 3 days, not a single one was actual. . .never does it is merely a entire scam. I have to laugh at the owners of the website from the Netherlands (Advanced Digital Services BV).

I truly feel sorry for lonely, males and females (when there’s any true female) that payed to locate someone for a hook date or a connection. This website is the worst scam I have checked. It’s not necessary to replicate what is already said in this review. I didn’t even need to spend a buck to find out it. Since the moment I signed up, even without a photo, I have gotten a lot of messages. Messages kept coming in automatic fashion regardless of changes I have been making in my profile. They’re fabricated and automatic as well as profiles. Dear Aussies do not let to get ripped off. This is a serious fraud that must be instantly blocked.

Look at the flirts/visits/messages All of the ‘girls ‘ have crap names and are in isolated ‘One horse towns’ within my state.

I joined this website by mistake a couple of months before, believing it was just another dating website. More than 3,000 mails from women later saying how handsome I was and what am I doing on a website like this? I could get any woman I enjoyed in a nightclub. I thought screw this I am not so handsome, so I am getting emails from the same women who suddenly live in various towns 1,000s of km from where they used to live when I first contacted them. When I arrange to meet them to get a date they abruptly back out at the last minute saying they can’t make it.

Know better, choose much better.

Very cleverly arranged website to mislead you & lure you to debut your own card. There are hundreds if girls contacting you and a few follow up if you don’t reply. None of them need to get in touch with you in your own email as then they will lose income. They’ll continue to talk to keep you around the website. There are a few who give you their email , but this is another game as they try to direct you to a different site where your credit cards details are demanded and despite their plea that it’s free, your card will be debited as you enter another period and in this period your card will be debited again every time around 50-60 Aus $ At the end of the you still overlook ‘t get a date. This company should be stopped as they must be cheating so a lot of men and women.

I got an email to join so I did, to find out what it was about secret, utilize exactly the same girls photo as appearing 4 hotties they are the exact same company as searching for hotties all scams should be investigated by the fraud squad also inter pole police should be informed, the majority of the girls photos are posed ones that you just consume credits making them write back to you the cost of a charge is about $2.75 but the words they use for you to write back nearly all Australians wont’t use those words English slangs you may see that there from Europe the company is located in the Netherlands how can they get away with doing this to people I don’t understand, I might say out of 10 people you write to 1 could reply, the police know about these sites but are doing nothing, searching for pedophiles, is more important, rather fraud squad would like you to fulfill in a 10 page report it puts you off filling that form in, a load of crap like these websites are. In one month over 800 girls applied to my own profile to con me the photos are all mostly fakes. I have been coned too. These are all cons save your cash I lost average $25.00 per week got nothing back but girls saying to you personally come and do me hard I need it today don’t believe them one woman said I’m a virgin I desire intercourse now can you teach me, so pathetic they are praying on men to use there pops up for the company to make more money searching for intercourse. Don’t you be the next one coned.

Been monitoring the website for 24hours nd same girls been online because then nd still online now unhappy it’s legal website just disgusting.