The strange, contradictory privilege of residing in Southern Korea as a woman that is chinese-canadian
“Excuse me personally, ” the person stated in Korean. We had been walking by one another in a very crowded retail center in Gangnam, an affluent commercial region in Seoul.
We turned around, and he deposited a fancy-looking business card into my hand. “Marry Me, ” it said in black colored loopy letters up against the stark paper that is white.
Startled by the proposition, we took a better appearance and recognized he had been recruiting applicants for certainly one of Southern Korea’s wedding matchmaking services. Such businesses have become popular in the nation.
He started initially to explain their work, at a rate which was too quickly for my amount of comprehension. “Oh, I’m weiguk saram, ” we explained, making use of the words that are korean “foreigner. ” The person scowled, swiped his card away from my fingers, and stormed down.
I relayed the story of my encounter over the telephone up to a Korean-American buddy who laughed and stated “He thought you didn’t have just the right ‘specs’ to be an qualified girl. Once I got home, ”
“Specs, ” quick for specs, is a manifestation South Koreans utilize to spell it out a person’s social worth centered on their back ground, or just exactly what sociologists call embodied capital that is cultural. Going to the university that is right having family members wide range, desired real characteristics, and also the proper cold weather parka can indicate the essential difference between success or failure in culture. […]