Idrisu Ali grimaces while he recalls a single day he delivered his 12-year-old child, Fatima, away to call home having a 65-year-old guy
Even though the training is typical in Nigeria’s remote north state of Bauchi, Ali would not feel completely confident with the idea of giving out their little hand that is girl’s wedding – to a guy old sufficient to be her grandfather.
“I became unfortunate because he had been too old. I desired her to marry somebody younger, state 55 or 50 because he might take proper care of her for a bit longer before he dies. But he had been a effective farmer in the village and then he paid a great dowry, ” says Ali in the rundown shack in Bauchi, hawaii money.
The dowry consisted of some kola nuts ( indigenous to the African tropics), a cow, a case of sodium and a sewing machine. […]