Drink Your Greens! I recall excitedly unpacking my Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer very nearly 10 years back. I juiced cucumbers and beets and carrots and oranges, and chortled happily as we drank it down, experiencing healthier with each drink. Well, now there’s a ‘new’ kid on the market in juicing city. Cannabis, in its natural juiced form, provides the best medicine that is preventative the earth. Let’s begin by recognizing this: among the theories for decreasing wellness and increased anxiety when you look at the populace is, partially, the elimination of hemp and cannabis within our food chain around 1940. Before 1940, dairy cows ate feral hemp and passed the CBD on to people through milk. Livestock ended up being frequently given hemp therefore the CBD’s were inside their meat and eggs. In 1938 feral and cultivated hemp became forbidden in Canada under the Opium and Narcotic Drug Act. […]