Reasons You Are Feeling Sad After Intercourse Whether we should acknowledge it or otherwise not, a lot of us have actually thought it­—that unexplainable sadness after intercourse. That it’s a lot more common than you’d expect (even if the sex is awesome) if you’ve experienced a feeling of depression after sex, rest assured. Really, relating to a scholarly research posted because of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, as much as 46 % of females reported experiencing feelings of anxiety, agitation, melancholy or sadness after intercourse sooner or later inside their lifetimes. What’s happening? We recruited assistance from Laurel home, writer, dating and relationship expert to obtain the information on precisely what these emotions are about. A reason that is huge women experience negative emotions after sex is the fact that, to be honest, they truly are making love if they don’t actually want to or are not emotionally or actually prepared. Insecurity, internalized worries or shame, and/or psychological distance can additionally attribute to those emotions. Because you are finally allowing yourself to truly ‘feel,’ and you realize that you don’t feel connected enough to have sex with this person,” Laurel says“If you feel low immediat […]