“People do much, much larger weddings in Nigeria, ” the power-sector CFO claims with a laugh
Five thousand visitors, she describes, some with corporate sponsors, circus performers, goodie bags such as iPads—that could be the creating of an wedding that is extravagant Naija terms. Not at all something as “small” as her very own two ceremonies (a wedding that is white 24 hours later), as much as six ensemble modifications, and two event planners. A fast scroll through the hashtag #nigerianwedding on Instagram—yielding pictures of partners popping away from Rolls-Royces, visitors posing on action and repeats, and brides adorned in a variety of conventional livery and trailing white wedding gowns—would appear to help Lisa-Leigh’s claim. “The Nigerian wedding marketplace is crazy! ” she laughs. “I think the net is helping fuel it—people want to begin to see the ceremony right away, so that the activities to do are receiving bigger and larger. Most people are wanting to vary. […]