Hemp services and products For information about medicinal cannabis reference our FAQ. Using the current modifications towards the Food Standard particular hemp seed items are now allowed for peoples usage. You should remember that just the seeds for the hemp plant can be utilized for human being usage – extracts through the remainder regarding the plant are believed a medication. To get this replace the Department of wellness has amended settings beneath the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (PI regulations) to permit particular hemp seed and fibre services and products to be brought in without needing a licence and invite beneath the import legislation. The PI laws could be bought at Customs (Prohibited Imports) (Importation of Hemp Seeds and Hemp Derived Products) Approval 2018. Chemicals & items which might be brought in with no licence and enable underneath the PI Regulations NOTE: Review the definitions below whenever scanning this information. It is necessary that the merchandise you import usually do not meet or meet or exceed the stated thresholds for cannabinoids. The Australian Border Force test that is regularly shipments and items, and also you may potentially face severe fees if you should be found become importing a cannabis based product that isn’t covered by this instrument. The foodstuff Standard and laws that are state/territory have various thresholds for cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol for hemp and meals. You need to make sure your items comply with the meals Standard if importing for human being usage. […]