TOP 10 DO’S AND DON’TS OF BRINGING UP A CHILD A COLLEGE-BOUND TEEN Yesterday evening, I monitored a new favorite sitcom known as, ‘The Middle’. This exhibit, while getting extreme, personifies the trials and hardships of infant (especially teenagers). The teenage son is usually under-motivated and the teenage daughter is over-motivated. The parents usually are frustrated including times complacent. These two new extremes stance a infant dilemma: How do you find the rest? I’ve composed often regarding Helicopter Families and even possessed a guest blogger, Computer chip Timmons, a Assistant Accès Director, present his Prime 5 Helicopter Parent Successes . Even though wonderful parenting doesn’t exist, it is easy to take the BEST and the WORST TYPE OF examples of parenting a college-bound teen to see from them. To that end, I’ve jot down my TOP 10 Do’s and Don’ts with parenting a good college-bound teenager : Conduct encourage these. This is #1 because it is the most crucial tip of everyone in attendancee. Teenagers which are headed to school need to know you consider in them and in their desires. They need to feel your like and help. They need to know that you will always be there cheering to them, even if sometimes they don’t imagine they can realize success. Avoid nag. Nagging never allows motivate a teenager. My tip was to say to my adolescents what was required of them and invite them to private their own measures. There are so many responsibilities and deadlines related to the college admissions process. […]