Stranger in a Foreign Woman in a Developing nation I spoke with a woman who had worked in several Middle Eastern countries before I left America to spend three years in rural Azerbaijan as a Peace Corps volunteer. She said, “There are three genders: guys, regional women, and women that are foreign. You shall be looked at differently.” We took it when I did any other word of advice We received before leaving; We produced psychological note, but i did son’t completely understand it until We experienced it first-hand. Gender functions in a complete great deal among these countries are backward to us as People in the us. Azerbaijan, for instance, is a Post-Soviet Muslim Republic (make an effort to wrap the mind around that). Essentially, which means that, because of the Russians, this small nation has some infrastructure and a lot of oil, letting it conduct company with major international economies. Nevertheless, as a result of old-fashioned spiritual values, corruption, as well as the paranoia which includes run rampant because the occupation that is soviet Azerbaijan is stuck within the 1950s in numerous ways—most particularly the way in which people are seen in culture. […]