Swept Into the Storm: 3 Foreign Ladies In Asia
By Mia Turner, Overseas Herald Tribune

Aug. 26, 2000
Eva Siao is concerned about Ruth Weiss. Li Sha, her neighbor downstairs, shares her issues. The two females talk with one another in Russian. Weiss, that is 91 and life in another Beijing apartment complex, is coping with a swing. With Siao she talks in German. She also speaks proficient Chinese. Siao is 89 and it is not receiving around quite definitely. She primarily jordanian brides online visits Li, that is 3 years more youthful, but she talks with Weiss by phone.
The 3 females stumbled on Asia by opportunity early in the 1900s. None had been Asia experts but all fell deeply in love with Chinese men and hitched them.
Weiss recalls conference Timo Mar during the Overseas Students’ Club in Vienna. It had been 1929. She had been 22, played the piano and was at her year that is third at. He previously a doctorate through the London class of Economics and played the violin. He wandered her house that night beginning a romance that is whirlwind. […]