‘Sex Education’ Is Netflix’s Anti-’13 Factors Why’ Plus It Deserves A period 2 A show on Netflix about teens looking for their destination on the planet, all while exploring love, loss, and heartbreak like it’s sometimes working against them as they try to navigate an ever-changing school system that feels? Up to a couple weeks ago, the only show on Netflix that truly fit this description ended up being the impossibly unfortunate 13 Factors why. After which Netflix went ahead and dropped Intercourse Education. Exactly like 13 explanations why, Intercourse Education can also be a show about teens searching for their destination in the field, and exploring love, loss, and heartbreak while they attempt to navigate an ever-changing college system that is like it is often working against them. But Sex Edcuation does not make you sobbing in to a field of cells, or provide you with a sense such as your heart happens to be hollow — one thing 13 Factors why is unquestionably accountable of accomplishing for a few occasions over the very last two periods. […]