In the event your car is en titled an additional continuing state, you have to have a duplicate from that state. See 50 State DMV Links
If you have that loan, rent or other lien regarding the automobile, the lienholder must be contacted by you. The lienholder might submit an application for a duplicate name. In the event that final name was granted in Nevada, the lienholder may complete a Lien Release (VP 186) as well as the authorized owner may make an application for the duplicate.
Should your car ended up being final en en en titled in Nevada and there are not any liens, you might mail a software or drop it well in individual at a DMV workplace. Your name will approximately be mailed in 6 months.
Application for Duplicate Nevada certification of Title (VP 012) This kind is actually for only use in the event that car ended up being final en en en titled in Nevada. In the event that you aren’t yes whether your car or truck is entitled in Nevada or you lack all the information required, be sure to contact the Records area for directions.
Expedited Title Top
Local offices that are DMV title deals but don’t issue games throughout the counter. All Nevada games are mailed from Carson City once processing is complete. […]