Exactly what Does It suggest to Have “Safe Sex” when you look at the PrEP Era? There’s no questioning that PrEP is an enormous leap that is innovative safe intercourse methods amongst homosexual males as well as the fight HIV/AIDS. Exactly exactly just What started as a “gay plague” first reported in 1981, followed closely by many years of protesting federal federal government inaction, eventually led to clinical breakthroughs and HIV not any longer becoming a automated death phrase. We now have yet to get a remedy, nevertheless the 99% effective security price of PrEP is apparently a action into the right way. Issue continues to be nevertheless, after several years of safe intercourse advocacy when you look at the homosexual community and also for the many component accepting a typical idea of just exactly what having “safe intercourse” means, just exactly just how are our some ideas of safe intercourse changing with all the innovation of PrEP? […]