Could Be The Hookup Customs Dead? Millennials Aren’t Seeking Sex On Dating Apps Everyone loves to speak about just how millennials that are bad at positive singles complaints dating and relationships. Their argument, basically, is the fact that our dating application fixation is causing us to be too hookup-driven and afraid of dedication. Yes, we may nevertheless be absorbed inside our apps that are dating it is the hookup culture because prevalent as this indicates? a survey that is new of Millennials unearthed that not as much as nine percent of Millennials said they are particularly utilizing dating apps to search for hookups, what sort of contradicts many people’s key critique of dating apps. “People would you like to villainize dating apps for the alteration in dating tradition, nevertheless dating apps were not the reason for the shift that is behavioral they may be just an instrument which makes it far more convenient to pursue an individual’s passions,” Damona Hoffman, certified dating and relationship specialist, informs Bustle. “Statistically, Tinder isn’t a hookup software at all. […]