Genuine Females Share How They Turned One-Night Stands into Relationships Love at first bang. Back within the day, one-night stands were pretty self-explanatory: You’d fulfill, flirt, and following one way too many bevvies (will there be virtually any method?), enjoy a romp in the bed room. The remainder was radio silence. Not any longer: in line with the latest Singles in America survey, one in four men and women have turned a hookup into a genuine, grown-ass relationship. (So whoever said one thing about nobody wanting a cow that offers milk away at no cost can draw it.) However, if you’ll need evidence, listed below are three females whose hookups changed into long-lasting things: The Long-Distance Love “My very first one-night stand changed into a three-year relationship. We came across on line, in which he was visiting his household into the city where I decided to go to college. Once I saw him in individual, I happened to be surprised. He seemed amazing! Sparks travelled, the discussion simply kept moving. […]