Here are a few tips you are able to follow to confidently write an essay that checks from the important boxes of ANY top-tier college admissions committee It is mid-November plus the application window for several top-tier schools is closing. Even though you decided way back when which schools meet your “fantasy” criterion, you’ve chose to add a couple of more to the list within the last few weeks just in case your wildest admissions dreams don’t become a reality. Some of these schools include Ivy League colleges like Dartmouth, Stanford, and Yale, while others, while slightly less exclusive, are still distinguished as top-tier schools. While you commence to write your Common Application Essay, the difficulty becomes how exactly to concentrate on what most of these superior schools are seeking in a person essay. Ignoring for a minute that most top-tier schools offer applicants their very own specific essay that is supplemental, how will you write one admission essay that may fulfill the finicky individual demands of every school? Would you focus your essay on academic greatness (specific criteria at Yale) or would you go the route of showing your empathy and altruism (dear towards the hearts of Harvard’s adcoms)? But regardless if you are deciding on Yale or even to Wellesley, Cornell or UC Berkeley, you ought to write an essay which will satisfy the readers after all of those schools equally well. You ought to forge essay that is“one rule all of them.” But how exactly to make this happen feat? […]